Vintage Business Cards: The Classy Retro Way to Promote Your Business

Are you looking for unique ways to promote your business? Are you a fan of all things retro and vintage? Then, why not infuse your style into your promotion too! We are talking about the vintage style business cards that are all the rage today. Business cards, which were considered old-fashioned a few years ago, are back into business now. Many companies, old and new, big and small, are returning to this traditional promotional tool. We suggest you jump into the bandwagon too. Read ahead to get an outlook into the unique world of retro-style business cards.

So, business cards are back with a bang now. Thanks to the internet and technology, we have a wide range of layout, font, and printing options. While loud colors and in your face designs are catching everybody’s fancy, another trend that is silently grabbing all the limelight is the vintage style.

Reminiscent of the typical old world, where black and white colors, and simple yet eye-grabbing designs held the forte, vintage styles are today being preferred by many. If you are in a creative field like art or photography, you can give this beautiful style a try.

Vintage themed business cards are perfect for any business, particularly something that exudes nostalgia and timelessness. Let’s say you are a wedding photographer, and you want to design a business card. A vintage-themed wedding photographer business card will be the best choice for you. Weddings reflect tradition, something that has been with us for generations.

I am looking for vintage style business card ideas. How should I go about it?

Designing a vintage-themed business card may sound intimidating. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A few simple facts that you have to keep in mind are:

  • Choose vintage-inspired fonts. Ramone, Caters, Devilian are some typical examples of vintage fonts you can use in your cards to give them an old-world look and feel.
  • Opt for Grunge textured backgrounds and foregrounds for your cards. Whether you are opting for black and white, technicolor, or colored cards, Grunge goes a long way in adding the element of nostalgia to your card.
  • If you plan to add a logo or a photograph to your card, use a sepia-toned filter. This element adds a surprisingly nostalgic look to your card.
  • Now that we have seen some of the dos, a quick don’t. Never add a glossy finish to your card. It will take away all the effort. Let your card look plain and Grunge for that typical nostalgic charm.

Where and how can I get my vintage-inspired business cards done?

The internet makes this step quick and easy for you. Just log in to a website that deals in vintage style business cards. They will have multiple options for style, font, layout, etc. Finalize your business card, and they will print and deliver the cards, depending on your requirement.

Vintage style business cards are an excellent way to infuse nostalgia, class, and old-world charm into your business card. Just a little care with font, color, and text goes a long way in ensuring that your business card stands out in the crowd.