The Best Tips You should Remember when Creating a Label for Your Product

Any design expert will immediately tell you that the label you have for your product will matter, not only to your audience but to your competitors as well. Your audience should be attracted by the visual appeal of your product label, while your competitors will often look at your product label and compare it with their own – and perhaps strive to make something better. You have to be on the top of things when it comes to the product label you create for your products, and you can be sure that your label will make a world of difference with how your product – and ultimately, your company – is perceived. So how should you go about designing and creating a label for your product which fits all the necessary requirements for it to sell – and sell well? Here are the best tips you should remember when creating a label for your product.

  • The proper colours

Certain elements such as information about the product and the barcode are a necessity for any product label; it’s also important to think carefully about the colours you use. Walk into a variety of shops or supermarkets, and you will see certain colours pop out on shelves, depending on the kind of product featured in the aisle. Colours like red, yellow, and blue may be prevalent, but many other colours will be featured as well. What colours should you use then? The colours you end up choosing will be based on different factors, which include the kind of product you are selling as well as the kind of consumer you are targeting and the colours which are used by your competitors.

Oftentimes, the colours you choose will also be determined by the overall packaging design of the product. For instance, if you are trying to create a product label for a product that has colourful and upbeat packaging, it follows that you should use bold and bright colours for the label as well.

  • The proper typography

Product labels will typically contain lots of text, so it is also vital for you to select the proper typography for your product label. As already mentioned, product labels will come with some necessary information, so you want to carefully consider the typography you will be using for the design’s most essential bits, such as the slogan and the name of the product. You may also want to think outside the box and come up with customised hand lettering, which works especially well for organic or artisanal products, as confirmed by contract labelling experts like Atwell Labellers.

  • Push the unique selling point

Your ultimate objective and goal when creating a product label is to make sure that it catches the eye of the consumers. But your next goal after this is to make sure that your consumers are convinced enough about the product’s merit to buy it. And the best way for you to convince them is to push the unique selling point of the product in your product label. Sometimes, the product will not come with a unique selling point, but this is where you can still make sure to push the product’s positive aspects, whether it’s healthy, gives excellent value for money, is convenient, and so on. When you know the USP or unique selling point of the product, you can more easily decide which information takes prominence in the label, and you can also have an easier time deciding on the other elements that make up your entire product label.