Synthetic Diamonds – A Supermaterial You May Not Have Heard Of


When it comes to cutting edge technology in things like aerospace, manufacturing, mining and electronics, you may be wondering what the future has in store. You might also be surprised to know that synthetic diamonds are a hugely popular material that is used in a variety of industries from those mentioned above and beyond. But what exactly are synthetic diamonds and how do they work within these industries? Read ahead to learn more about this fantastic way companies are helping to save money and time by using lab grown diamonds in their own specific ways.

What Are Synthetic Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds may sound like they’re fake diamonds, but in fact they’re made of the exact same material under the exact same conditions as real diamonds, just in a laboratory instead of inside the earth. Using carbon at high pressure, labs such as Element Six, have been processing and developing synthetic diamonds for decades. While these diamonds have impressive engineering and technological uses we will discuss momentarily, they can also be used in place of traditional earth-mined diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, an environmentally and politically clean option. Not only this, but synthetic diamonds can be sold for a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds, making them a popular option for those who want the diamond look without the diamond price.

Use In Aerospace

With the booming aerospace industry continually expanding as more and more airlines come into the fray along with hundreds of millions of passengers flying around the globe year after year, the use of synthetic diamonds is a popular choice in aerospace engineering. Using synthetic diamonds means that various tools needed in the industry to repair or to create plane parts can both enjoy a longer life following prolonged use and little maintenance as well as  providing a faster, more precise cut though some of the toughest materials.

Mining Technology

When it comes to the mining industry synthetic diamonds are a go to material for things such as drills. Using huge drills in both shaft and open pit mining means that they get used almost constantly, resulting in wear and tear when made with metals. Diamonds however are much harder than almost all metals, and so they provide a far better material with which to drill into sometimes extremely dense, hard earth for minerals. Synthetic diamonds mean that not only will drills have a longer life, need less maintenance, but they will also be cheaper for the company than if the drills were made using mined diamonds.

So there you have a couple of ways that synthetic diamonds are being used throughout various industries and even on smaller scales for personal uses. With so many ways this innovative and groundbreaking material can be applied – including through electronics, medical technology, lasers and optics, and even road planning, the only way is up for this supermaterial that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So if you’ve been thinking of ways to save money on repairing tools or you want to speed up a workshop process, consider employing the use of tools made of synthetic diamonds to save you both time and money.