Sure Ways to Rent a Condo Even with Bad Credit


In the present day, it is not uncommon to have a bad credit rating. Bad credit can hit us due to a couple of unpaid utility bills, a few missed payments on our credit card and other occurrences like this. Many prospective renters feel ashamed of their bad credit, and worried about its potential to shed an unfavorable light on them when they put in applications to rent condos. This can put people off from renting the apartments that they desire. But, it is totally possible to rent a condo with bad credit.

How bad credit can harm your renting applicationBad credit, particularly if it is accompanied by a negative reference from a previous landlord stating that you did not always pay your rent, can be a red flag for some agents. After all, a prospective tenant who has a bad credit rating will look less attractive than a tenant who has the same salary and other attributes (e.g. non smoker, no pets) but who has a spotless credit record. However, it is worth remembering that very many people have poor credit these days, and agents will see many applications from people with bad credit every month – maybe even every week if they are a large company. We can all struggle to get by from time to time, so bad credit is nothing to be ashamed of when you approach that agent. Most usually, an agent will more often than not be happy to rent to you if you have bad credit – as long as you can complete a few extra checks.

Amass references

In real estate Philippines and other Asian countries, guarantors, employer references, and references from past landlords stating what a good tenant you are (if these are available) will help to outweigh the effect of bad credit. A guarantor is the most powerful way to reassure landlords that they will get their rent each month.

Offer to pay more of the rent up front If you can afford it, you can reassure landlords and agents by paying 6 months’ rent upfront instead of paying in monthly instalments. This will demonstrate that you have the finances necessary to rent the apartment, and it will also give them some peace of mind as they will have money in the bank. Another thing you can do is offer to pay more rent each month, or to pay a larger deposit.


Try and get a housemate who can help you share the rent. Bad credit is a particularly large red flag for agents when a tenant is planning to rent alone. If living with someone won’t be a problem, then you can choose a larger property to accommodate both of you. Get the best condo for sale or for rent on Zipmatch by selecting filters that both of you agree on, such as extra amenities.

Be honest

Be honest about your bad credit and do not attempt to hide it. Show you are a trustworthy person and, if possible, show any steps you have taken to improve your credit score.