Software that can expedite and simplify the hiring process

Finding the best employee is easier than ever, even without the services of a recruitment agency. With the right software, any organization can do its own recruiting in-house, using cutting-edge, data-driven recruiting software.

What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software has always been a go-for tool for staffing agencies and recruitment firms. With the introduction of easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive platforms, any business can now conduct its own in-house recruitment process, using various tools that make it easy to choose the most competent candidates.

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

This kind of hub processes the job applicants by processing resumes and then tracking the pertinent information in the first stages. The automation in resume screening is a great feature that allows one to know which applicants to consider.

However, they are not perfect tools and will require other integrations to be fairer and more accurate.

The great thing is, you can track applicants with ease while screening them to find out the best of them. However, if you need to take your assessment up a notch, you need a CRM.

  1. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows recruiters to actively source candidates by building talent pools that an employer can nurture to get the best candidates. The difference between the CRM and the ATS is that the ATS is focused on the applicants and the CRM focuses on the larger potential candidate pool.

This way, you won’t miss some great employees just because they did not pass a checklist set by the ATS. Now, we go to interviews

  1. Interviewing Software

When you have chosen the people you would like to work with, interviewing software such as Breezy HR or myInterview will allow you to talk to them and record the interviews for analysis in your own time. The innovations in this field give you more data bout the candidates by assessing how they choose words, speech patterns, and expressions.

These kinds of assessments can help an employer know, before meeting a person, whether they are fit for a job or not.

  1. Pre-Hire Assessments software

Testing proficiency is usually a condition in some of the job opportunities. For that, you will need to have a robust testing system that can accommodate every topic of interest you would like to quiz the client about.

Testing and assessment software such as Kahoot! and Canvas can be used to conduct preliminary tests and sort out the ideal candidates from the less-than-ideal ones.

  1. Mobile Applications

With the advent of the cloud and containers, building and launching apps that aid enterprises in business processes is easier than ever. Mobile integration into the hiring process can help you stay in touch with the chosen candidates and guide them through it all for accurate selection.

It is easier to apply via phone, and getting in touch with each other is almost instant while helping capture the most interested candidates in your industry.