Small touches around the office to improve your professional appearance to clients



A professional looking office is essential if you want to make a good impression with your clients. Very often, it is the little details that make the biggest and most favourable impression. So, why not follow this handy guide to small touches around the office to improve your professional appearance to clients?

Cleanliness and tidiness

This should be a given. If your office space is cleaned and tidied daily before any clients arrive, you will demonstrate your care and consideration for all aspects of business life.

Office furniture

You may find it a struggle to negotiate from a strong position if you are on a tiny, low chair. Likewise, your clients are likely to feel uncomfortable talking to you if they have sunk halfway in to a squashy armchair. Make your office furniture comfortable but professional.

Colour schemes

Quirky patterns may seem like a good idea now but chances are they will go out of fashion in a year or two and leave your office looking dated. Therefore, it is best to opt for timeless patterns that provide a sense of gravitas and a splash of colour too. For example, choose rich brown furnishings and clean white walls for a balanced look before adding a touch of warm orange, ochre or red hues in the colours of your lamp shades or cushions. This combination of colours looks welcoming and cosy but serious too.

Art and ornaments

The addition of some well chosen art is always an excellent way to add sophistication to your office. Avoid cartoons, pieces that look overly twee and dated and anything garish. When in doubt, opt for abstract art; there is a reason why so many companies do so and it is because abstract paintings and sculptures are both elegant and timeless. When it comes to desk ornaments, smooth and solid items like brass or tigerseye paperweights are ideal for maintaining that professional look. In all cases, avoid novelty ítems or ítems that do not reflect your business image. Moreover, when arranging ornaments on your table or on desks it is crucial not to let the office get cluttered. A single carefully selected piece will look much better than a jumble of several objects, however elegant.


Branded stationery is an excellent idea for an office. Pens, note pads and business cards help to put the finishing touches to your office, and here a business card organiser is an essential item. If you give clients branded items that they can take away, such as pens, this will keep your business at the forefront of their mind.

An appropriate welcome

Having a receptionist or other dedicated member of staff welcome clients to your office space is a great way to create a professional appearance from the outset. In addition, it enables you to prepare yourself for your meetings with clients and to avoid yourself being surprised by clients knocking on your office door unexpectedly.