Recruit Better with These 4 Focus Areas

A fantastic product or service is the foundation for a business, but you cannot succeed without excellent employees. If only things were as simple as posting a simple job ad and having a selection of stellar candidates line up for you.

Tight recruiting processes and practices such as those at Culver Careers recruiting can help tremendously with finding and keeping the right candidates. Check out the following suggestions to help with locating candidates, interviewing, utilizing human resources tools, and proper onboarding.

Finding the Right People

The most popular way to find people is online. It’s where job seekers go to discover postings, so you want to make sure they can find yours. Posting on multiple top job boards is important. However, you’ll also get a lot of responses this way, and it can be time consuming to sort through them. Likewise, with using LinkedIn or another social platform.

You’ll want to create posts with clear pre-requisites that will help weed people out. Find the delicate balance between being too generic and asking for too much. You’ll still get applications from many people who ignore requirements. Working with a talent recruiter is one solution that will provide a much smaller pool of quality candidates. You can also conduct a drug screening process to ensure you are getting top-notch candidates. A 10 Panel Drug Screen is a very popular choice for pre-employment drug testing.

Ensure the information about yourself on the web is not only appealing to clients and customers. Promote how your work culture shines to pique the interest of great candidates, too.

Interview Questions

Look up articles on this topic that are industry- and role-specific to review useful questions from experts instead of generic interview questions. Include ones that ascertain not only their skills and experience related to the job but also their personality, and if their overall lifestyle, worldview, and attitudes fit with your company.

Don’t think of the interview as a chance to put them under pressure and grill your candidates to a crisp. You won’t get a feel for their authentic selves. Conduct more of an open conversation and you’ll learn some things that a harsh line of serious questions can’t access. Consider conducting brief 5-10 minute phone interviews first to weed out undesirables.

Utilize Technological Resources

Along with your candidate search, use the best technology to help with recruiting and all your human resources needs. As part of an enterprise resource planning system, a solution like Sage HRMS has tools to help with managing applications and requisitions with a web-based system that features integration with job boards, online applications, screening questions, and paperless workflows. There are also training tools for multiple job tracks, and the ability to manage certifications, automate scheduling, and logistics.

Use professional consultants to assist with adopting any ERP system which can be tailored by them to suit your specific needs. Experts like IWI Consulting Group also has a helpful blog related to their Sage products (for example check out these important tips for start ups and finding the right people.)

Focus on Proper Onboarding

Don’t think just because you’ve hired someone that they’re yours for life. Newly-hired candidates are likely to leave a job quickly if they’re not properly cared for during the onboarding process. This means doing more than just shaking hands, handing them an employee training manual, and a friendly wink. Forbes shares several tips for onboarding that include hosting a small reception, assigning a mentor, aligning them with your mission statement, outlining goals, and ascertaining their career objectives.