How Local SEO Can Attract New Customers To Your Business

Local SEO is a powerful tool for growing businesses. Most consumers go online to find local information, meaning if you have not taken up the opportunity and optimized your business for local search, you are missing out on about 80% of your potential customers.  Local SEO helps businesses to stay relevant in the market.

If you haven’t heard about local SEO, it is a very effective way to attract customers to your local business. Local SEO helps customers get to businesses that are close to them and get products and services at the exact time they need them. Local SEO is achieved using various methods. There are several strategies that can be implemented to achieve local SEO.

Local search enables customers to reach to businesses near them. People are always looking for businesses close to where they live. You will need to hire an agency or a person to perform local on-page optimization on your website to enable the local SEO. Consider HigherVisibility, an award-winning local SEO company. Contact them and they can answer the questions you have regarding the success of your business.

Reasons why local SEO can get you new customers

Many local customers search for local businesses online

Customers have turned to the Internet to search for local businesses and their information. The era of printed phone books is gone. According to a research, 96% of people who own personal computers search locally and 46% of all searches are local.

Highly targeted as well as a timely way of marketing

The first reason customers conduct local searches is to look for local businesses. Secondly, they go online looking for products and services. Local customers conduct searches knowing what they want but they might not have a specific business name in mind. If you position yourself in a way they could reach to you quickly, they will get to you when they are actually in need of your services or products and that is the power of local search marketing.

Highest conversion levels

Local search has emerged to have the highest conversion levels. Local directory marketing has a 50% conversion on some specific directories. To harness the power of local directory marketing, you will need to get your business to be listed accurately on as many high-quality directory sites as possible.

Ever-growing mobile Internet

Mobile Internet has spread like wild-fire and people who are looking for the best local businesses from their mobile gadgets have increased significantly. This means that with almost everyone online on either a mobile phone or PC, you cannot miss out on a new customer.

Great ROI

Unlike traditional marketing methods, local SEO gets to a target group only. Only customers who are in need of your services or products will get to you. It all translates to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Imagine how SEO services can help your business, local SEO can help you even more.

Google My Business listing boosts businesses

Your business being listed in Google My Business listing will rank your website better in Google local search results. Additionally, many businesses have not yet learned about online marketing. That gives you the opportunity to have a head start and beat the competition.

Local SEO opportunities come at a low cost

It is almost free to get listed in many online business directories, including Google My Business. It can’t get better than that because free business promotion is rare.

Customers trust online business reviews 

Online business reviews are as effective as word of mouth recommendations. You can get your customers to leave you a positive review to promote your local business. Local businesses largely depend on word of mouth, but if you go a step further to get local reviews, your customer base will continue expanding.

The numbers of print newspaper readers are declining with time

It is reported that only 20% of adults read newspapers to get news. Many newspapers have reported a declining trajectory of readership over time. This means people are looking for more information on local businesses on the Internet.

Local customers depend on the Internet to find information about businesses

Internet popularity has grown rapidly and people are going online to look for information about types of products, as well as services. They are even using more advanced search tools, such as voice search to look for local businesses. If you have not implemented some local SEO strategies, it is time to do so and see the number of your customers continue growing.