Fantastic Desk Decor Ideas


When it comes to a workspace and workplace, there are two different types – the workplace where you’re unable to make it your own due to the nature of the job, such as in the case of hot-desking, or where you have your whole own cubicle that you can dress up however you like. Depending on your personality and space, you might choose to keep your desk simple and professional with a plant or a single photo or you might go all out with all sorts of fun stuff. What do people tend to include in their workspaces? Furniture At Work love to have a look at different decor around the office – so here are some of our favourites.

Decorative Push Pins

When it comes to fun ways to brighten up your workspace, decorative push pins are a perfect way to make your notice boards more enjoyable. Many office supply shops such as Paperchase in the UK sell animal shapes and colourful push pins. They can be used on notices, photos, artwork, and just because. These are a great way to create a personal touch, especially in those offices where there may be stricter rules on desktop decor.

A Fun, Fancy Folder System

Folders come in all shapes, sizes and colours these days and you can really brighten up your space with a great folder or three. With multiple colours, patterns or themes to choose from, you will be pouring over which folders to pick. There are also great options for diaries, calendars and post it notes – all of which can be the perfect way to brighten your desk.


Plants make a fantastic and professional addition to any desk anywhere. With many different types being able to live in offices, they bring brightness, colour and extra oxygen to the office space, three things everyone can get on board with. If you don’t want too much responsibility, consider a succulent or cactus type plant – something that requires minimal effort in keeping alive.

Photos and Art

Photos of family, friends and holidays can be the perfect addition to your desk. These types of decor are great stress relievers and help us calm down in moments of stress, recalling loved ones jokes or that great family getaway. If you’re looking for the perfect desk decor, photos are a great option. Art is as well and can either be great prints by famous artists or just something your child did up for you. Whatever you choose though, you can be sure it will bring the space to life!

So whether you’re new to the office game or you’ve been working in an office environment for years, one thing is for certain and that’s the fact that you can really make a desk a work of personal art through your decorative choices for walls, folders, push pins and more. With so many decisions and options out there, you might struggle to find a place to begin, but sometimes that’s half the fun. So what’s your desk look like? We’d love to hear from you.