Do You Have to Archive Your Emails by Law?

Although electronic communication, including instant messaging, and social media is becoming increasingly popular, email continues to be the main way for businesses to communicate with each other. To do this, they require something that is stable and efficient, and they also require email archiving solutions because:

  • They must comply with industry and federal regulations.
  • They must comply with legal discovery requirements in case of litigation.
  • They want to optimize their storage and systems.
  • They want to have better disaster recovery and email backup to meet their business continuity goals.
  • They want to monitor their emails as stated in their retention policies.

If your business has any of those needs, then you need an email archiving solution as well.

How to Pick Your Archiving Solution

Because email archiving solutions are now so popular, there are literally thousands of providers out there as well. It is very important, therefore, that you choose an option that you know you can trust and rely on. Two main options exist:

  1. Hardware and software solutions that are installed on site.
  2. SaaS (software as a service) solutionsstored on the cloud.

The second option is the most popular one, and for good reason. It comes with unlimited storage facilities, remote access, email retrieval, disaster recovery, and backup. The only downside to it, for some businesses, is that it is stored on someone else’s server. However, those are properly protected and all information is completely encrypted. And as an added benefit, it is a whole lot cheaper than an internal hardware and software solution.

Safety, Efficiency, Compliance

If you opt for a good quality email archiving solution, you will also be fully compliant with industry and government regulations. All records can be audited as and when required, and you can be fully compliant with eDiscovery requests and freedom of information requests as well. All messages are completely secure, as they are stored in an encrypted manner and can only be accessed by people with the right credentials. As an added bonus, logs are kept of each message, which means they can also not be tempered with.

More Capacity, Less Problems

When you have an archiving solution in place, your operations will become far more efficient and a whole lot more secure. Furthermore, it promotes both transparency and accountability. Your customers will know that they can always retrieve information if they need it, and your staff knows that retention policies are being adhered to. The key thing, however, is that you will have the capacity to store any and all emails without any problems, and that they will always be available to you. Because the solution is cloud-based, you can even access the information while you are away. If, for instance, a top executive is away on vacation but an emergency occurs, they will still be able to access all the information as and when they need to, so long as they have an internet connection available to them.