A Good Backup Storage That Grows With Your Company

As your business grows, the data base consisting of your business dealings, products, information of your clients, employees, correspondence, and etc. will also grow and increase in size from day to day. Very soon your own local storage system will not be able to handle the size of your data base. Searching and retrieving of information from your database on your local network will take longer time as the volume of data increases. You will then have to decide on a bigger and better storage management system which will have cost you a big sum of money. Another better and more profitable alternative is to retain your existing network setup and what you can do is to expand and enhance your network setup capabilities with a network attached storage known as NAS.

A network attached storage or NAS consists of devices that are linked to your local-area network (LAN) to provide a backup storage system that is file-based, shared and can run through any standard Ethernet connection. Each device has its own independent network node and is a separate entity with its own individual IP address apart from your computer.

Choosing to add a network attached storage or NAS to your computer has its benefits.

  • At the click of a button, there is a constant flow of file from the business owner to the clients.
  • NAS has high flexible configurations with large storage capacity.
  • Allows for vertical and horizontal scalability with larger disk or cluster multiple appliances.
  • Enables pairing with cloud storage for additional location.
  • Enjoys extra layer of protection for backup files.
  • A good backup bank for archive storage or disaster recovery.
  • When switched to server mode, it can function as an email, multimedia, print server or database.
  • NAS comes with centralized storage smart TV’s, security systems and various other internet based components.
  • Supports storage technology e.g. redundant array of independent disks (RAID).

There are many different types of network attached storage products to choose from. There are desktop solutions for the home enterprise solutions and there are enterprise solutions for your business. For more details concerning products and their capabilities, you can connect to any of the document storage Los Angeles locations of MelroseINC or their website.

If you need expert advice on the acquiring of products, you can check out for customized IT service, and etc. Every business has its unique needs and you may need an expert to evaluate your business needs, to understand your business in-depth, and to find the right products with the price within your budget.