4 Exciting Ways to Market Complex Products

Every successful business owner has a deep understanding of their products. And while that’s certainly a good thing, it can sometimes make it difficult to market them effectively. After all, being too close to your work may blind you to the “bigger picture.” This is especially true for businesses looking to create effective presentations for complex, obscure, or just plain odd products. If you’ve ever launched a product expecting big returns, but instead elicited only a tepid response, then you know what we’re talking about. Fortunately, you can find fun and exciting ways to market your products with improved results. Consider these four methods the next time you’re struggling to make an impact with your marketing content:

Jump on a Bandwagon

Though your product might not be instantly recognizable, connecting it with a popular movie, TV show, or pop-culture event can increase its appeal. For instance, most people probably don’t know that Japanese composer Akira Ifukube used a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin to create Godzilla’s iconic roar sound effect. This factoid brings together a rather mundane product (a leather glove) with a much larger (pun intended) cultural figure. Odds are one of your products has a mainstream tie-in you can showcase as well.

Tell a Story

Case studies are powerful tools marketers can use to show real-world applications for their products. Make sure to focus on more than just the product, however, because the human connection is what really creates a compelling story in these pieces. Pharmacy point of sale software might not sound all that interesting out of context, but when you explain how it helped a struggling business owner double their monthly revenue –– it takes on greater significance.

Make a Video

Virtually every marketing campaign will benefit from video content. Nevertheless, videos are particularly effective at displaying the worth of complex or obscure items. Seeing how a piece of machinery operates with your own eyes conveys so much more information than hearing someone describe it second-hand. It’s like the difference between riding in a car yourself and reading about it online. There’s really no comparison between the two.

Reward Loyal Customers

It might sound odd to talk about customer service in regard to marketing a new product. Yet, offering a new product to loyal customers for a free trial or at a reduced rate will generate buzz around it and likely improve your relations with key members of your customer base. Remember, these are the people writing reviews and ranking your service online; anything you can do to bolster their opinion of your business is a good thing.