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The World’s Best Stop-Over Cities For Business Travellers

Business Travellers

As fellow International┬ábusiness travelers will know, traversing the globe for business meetings is often done on the time of others, dictated by meetings and others schedules. Very often, if you are trying to keep costs down on your flights to fit in with such times then you may end up with long lay-overs in a multitude of cities, some are perfect for a stop over, a chance to see a new city and explore if you have enough time, some however, offer little in the short time that you have there, here we take a look at some of the…

8 Ways To Save Money During Business Travel

Business travel

Business travel is often essential to meet prospective clients and partners in order to promote your business and hopeful make more money. For many smaller companies business travel can be tricky as it is an expense that they could really do without. This being said, it can often feel more like an investment into the future as if all goes well your business can grow. If you are required to travel for your business then here are some tips to keep costs down. Public Transport Consider using public transport where possible instead of your own car, whilst this may restrict…