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How A 11 And 14-Year-Old Started A Successful Car Washing Business


I wanted to share this inspirational story with you about how my son and his friend began a small car-washing business in our neighborhood that has become so successful that my 11 year old son recently told me that he no longer had any use for the pocket money which I was giving him. I want to share the story to give hope to any one out there who has an acorn of an idea that is scared of taking the plunge and going for it. If two kids can grow a business from scratch then you can too. The…

5 Fun Pocket Money Ideas For Your Children

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Giving pocket money to your children can be a tricky business, it can be hard to find a balance between how much money to give, when to give it, how to give it and when you should withhold it from them. Pocket money should never be a divine rite, remember that the idea of it isn’t just so that your children can go and buy what they want, it is about teaching them about handling money and being responsible with it. If you are looking for different ways to go about handling your child’s pocket money situation then here are…